DriveSitter is a full-featured HDD analyzation, health diagnostic and background monitoring tool for IDE hard disk drives based upon modern S.M.A.R.T. technology.
DriveSitter reliably detects and forecasts up to 70% of all sudden HDD failures before they happen.
You will be alerted of any unhealthy condition by various notification methods, including emails and network messages.
Read more about S.M.A.R.T. or DriveSitter or download the 30 days shareware version now.
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Welcome to Oliver Marr Software-Development

  08/01/10  ScaleTrans v1.5 released - prices lowered

After a long time where nothing was changed in ScaleTrans, we are now proud to release ScaleTrans v1.5 and at the same time significantly cut the prices!

This release of ScaleTrans is substantial. Not only that it has a completely overhauled GUI and makes ScaleTrans compatible with Windows 7, it also comes with the exciting new "Map" scale feature.
This features allows you to map raw test scores to standard scales like e.g. the z-Scale or the percentile rank. Imagine that,
the moment you computed the raw test score, you will know the corresponding standard scale values at the tip of your fingers!

The price cut is as dramatic and exciting as the new release itself: Indeed, we cut the price by 50% !
A license is not available for 24,95 USD (+V.A.T.).

So here are the most exciting news in bullet points:

New "Map" scale to map raw scores to standard scales
Compatibility with Windows 7
Completely overhauled GUI
Price cut by 50%

Download ScaleTrans now or visit out order page.
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  06/01/09  New Pricing Model for DriveSitter

Today we are happy to introduce a new pricing model of DriveSitter.

Based on the well-proven and fair license model, we completely reworked the volume discount pricing which saves 20% on average for the first 15 licenses - and the saving grows for each additional license!

Moreover, we decided to drop the price for a single business license by more than 10%.

While we offer even more attractive volume discounts for business as well as for personal licenses, we are continuing our idea of a family license to support not only you but all of your first grade relatives living in one household by a single, effordable license.

Still, all licenses are lifetime licenses and do not require renewal.

Again, the changes in bullet points:

More attractive volume discount pricing
Dropped price for a single business license to 33.45 USD (excl. V.A.T.)
Continue the family license offer to an affordable price.
All licenses are still lifetime licenses and do not require renewal.

Check out our price calculator or visit our order page.
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  03/30/08  Out Now: DriveSitterPro v1.6

Finally, the technical development requested its tribute for the most drastic and in-deep changes in the life of DriveSitter so far - and DriveSitter catched up with it!

After a year of work, we are very excited to publish a new update of DriveSitter. The core technology has completely been reworked and we spent some time not only to create best DriveSitter ever.

We are sure that you'll love the new features:

Support of Western Digital USB drives.
Windows Vista readyness.
Never seen before FirstGlance™ tray icon tooltips.
Support of hot-plugging.
New "Count Increase" test.

The new version of DriveSitter Pro supports Windows 2000, XP and Vista, but we do not let down the old timers yet: DriveSitter for Windows 98, ME and NT4 is still available on our download page.

Try it 30 days for free and tell us what you think!

This update is again free of charge for all current licensees of previous versions of DriveSitter!
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ScaleTrans is a software tool for professional psychologists or diagnosticians working with psychological standard scales.
ScaleTrans converts standard scales like T-scale, Z-scale, IQ-scale, Stanine, percentage rank etc. and allows the creation of advanced user-defined scales either based on theoretical distributions or empirical data.
Read more about ScaleTrans or download the free personal version now.
Eine deutsche Version von ScaleTrans ist hier verfügbar.
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